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Emmanuel Alty, Sci 
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Bob Kluberdanz, Sci 
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Romia Reid, Sci 
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Mario Malubay, Sci 
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Matthew Cerullo, Phys Ed 
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Number of Credits Required for Science
8 credits
  1. Students must earn a minimum of 2 credits in life science AND 2 credits in physical science.

  2. NYSED allows science courses that end in a Regents exam to extend up to 4 credits. No more than a total of 4 credits may be awarded for high school level coursework in any of the following subject areas: Living Environment, Earth Science, Chemistry, and Physics.

  3. High school technology education courses may be used to fulfill the remaining 2 credits in science OR mathematics, but not both.

  4. All science courses must incorporate lab activities. For science courses designed to culminate in a Regents, students must also successfully complete an additional required hands-on (not virtual) laboratory component of 1,200 minutes with satisfactory documented lab reports. The lab may not be credit-bearing.

    Number of Credits Required for Physical Education
    4 credit

    1. All students must take physical education (PE) every year they are in high school. Taking more than one PE course in a term is allowed, but may not be used to complete core requirements early. Students with either chronic or temporary medical conditions or disabilities must still participate in physical education through a modified or adaptive physical education model. Single exception to completing PE requirement: a student who completes all diploma requirements in fewer than eight (8) semesters is not required to continue enrollment in high school for the sole purpose of meeting PE requirements.

    2. PE requirements may be met in the following ways: 3:2 “flip” model or comparable time each semester: Students receive PE instruction 3 or 2 periods per week every semester (one semester for 3 periods per week, the other for 2 periods per week), or for a comparable time each semester if the school is organized in other patterns,16 where each semester is worth 0.5 credits, for a total of 4 credits,

    3. OR
    1. 5x/week model (special allowance from NYSED for NYCDOE schools): Students receive PE instruction 5 days per week (minimum of 180 minutes per week) for 7 semesters, where each semester is worth 0.58 credits, for a total of 4.06 credits.

    2. Students in grades 10-12 may also receive PE credit for participation in an extra-class athletic program18 that addresses PE learning standards and meets the instructional time requirements per semester, if the students have demonstrated acceptable levels of physical fitness, skills, and knowledge of the PE learning standards.

    Number of Credits Required for Health
    1 credit

    1. Beginning in the second semester of school year 2011-12, NYCDOE policy specifies that high schools must include sexual health education as part of the required comprehensive health education course. It is strongly recommended that health instruction take place in the 9th or 10th grade