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 Program Office

 SASIXP: We use SASI (School Administration Student Information). It contains our students' demographic, academic & attendance history. Our job is to maintain and redesign it to fit our goals. We are the gatekeeper of Sasixp and we make sure that all information that go in and out are accurate.

 ATS:   Is the school-based administrative system used by all New York City public schools since 1988. It has many functions, including recording biographical data for all students, handling admissions, discharges, and transfers to other schools, and recording other student-specific data, such as exam scores, grade levels, attendance, and immunization records. It also provides aggregate student and human resources data to school administrators. Access to the ATS system is strictly limited to school system personnel; however, much of the non-personally identifiable information is available online at the New York City Department of Education website.

 STARS: The Scheduling Transcripts Academic Reporting System (STARS) is Department of Education developed student scheduling and grade reporting application which standardizes and automates the collection and reporting of data for students in New York City Public Schools.

 Technology Department

OUR TECHOLOGY:We have the latest technology available: Projectors, Smartboards, CamCorders, Cameras, Software, Laptops, Ipads, Flashdrives, Dvd players and Wifi.

OUR COMPUTER LABS: We have 2 computer labs available to our students and staff.  One, with the latest Apple technology. The second running windows 7 with the most up to date software.

OUR LAPTOP CART: We have one wireless laptop cart available for classroom as well as individual laptop to borrow. See Our Guideline must schedule for usage of labs in advance.

OUR IPAD CART: We have one Ipad2 cart available for classroom, face-time, science,math and social study class. See Our Guideline Ipads are also use for class observation.

OUR SCHOOL MESSENGER:  The service is in a class all its own in feature areas such as delivery options, translation, list management, user management, Social Media integration, interactivity, reporting, Classroom Messaging, recipient controls and more. And although it is feature rich, users of all skill sets report that it is intuitive and easy to use.

Contact data and other information updates automatically and can trigger notifications from over 130 data sources. Updated contact information can even be fed back into the source SIS.


Enock Charlotin, Program Chair
Email: enockc@mchslic.org
Phone:(718) 392-3330 Ext.1180
Room: 108

Oversees the Program Office

Jhonny Jean, Net Admin
Email: jhonnyjean@mchslic.org
Phone:(718) 392-3330 Ext.1100
Room: 110

Oversees both the IT Department