middle college,high school

Computer Lab Policy


The Computer Lab in Middle College High School aims to provide basic, functional computer services for users who may not have access to such technology at home or elsewhere. The Computer Lab provides an environment where users may get support and assistance with computer related issues. The computer lab is open to all students provided that there is a teacher or a staff member in the Lab.

I. Signing Rules

Teachers must sign with Tech Dept. in Rm 110 to get lab time.

Lab schedule is posted in Rm 110, and there are two schedules: One, for the current week in color,

and one labeled; 'FOR NEXT WEEK' in grayscale for the week after. 

The new schedule will be posted every Friday at 2:00.

Teachers can only sign up three times a week, two period per day for a total of six lab usages per week. If you have a half period you must end your class 5 min early so that the room can be used the second half by another class. When your class is over, kick everyone out and pull the door closed. Students are not to be left alone in the labs. There is no food allowed in the labs by anyone. (Including staff and teachers) Please make sure that students clean up after themselves and push their chairs in.

II. Policies

1. All users are required to sign in using their own username and password. If  a student or staff forget their password, it can be reset by the Technology Department.
2. Users are permitted to save files to the local hard drive at their own risk. The Computer lab is not responsible if any files are lost, stolen, or deleted. Users are encouraged to save their files in the home directory (Their H: Drive) or by using memory sticks.
3. Users are responsible for their own possessions, and belongings. The Computer Lab staff is not responsible for personal items that are lost or stolen while in the lab.
4. The consumption of foods and beverages, including bottled water, is prohibited.
5. The Computer Lab is a quiet area. Please silence all cell phones while in the Computer Lab. Please refrain from having cell phone conversations in the lab or texting,as they are a distraction to your fellow users.
6. If any computer equipment malfunctions, users should not attempt to repair it. Please notify the Technology Department immediately.
7. Users are prohibited from installing software on any computer in the Computer Lab. If additional software is needed on the computers, please inform the Technology Department.
8. All computers in the Computer Lab are for academic, instructional and research purposes ONLY. Using school related equipment for commercial gain is strictly prohibited and may be subject to disciplinary actions.
9. Users will be given assistance, guidance, and basic troubleshooting help with technical problems related to their assignments and academic tasks.
10. Only academic applications are supported on lab machines.
11. All computer lab users must show respect for the lab facility and other users when printing, especially from the Internet. Printing is limited to what is deemed necessary for class assignments by the computer lab staff.
12. The computer lab provides an open academic research environment where students, faculty, and staff can access scholastic information.
13. It is the responsibility of every user to ensure that the computer lab equipment is not being abused, damaged, or used in a manner other then what it is intended for. All abuse will be immediately reported to the Principal or the Assistant Principal.

III. Computer Lab Assistance

The Technology Department is available to assist lab users with electronic media, hardware and software issues during normal operating hours. The Technology Department shall assist with basic applications, Internet and printing questions. During open lab hours, Teachers are responsible for the basics of maintaining the integrity of the Labís computer, Type of documents printing and how much printer papers are used during a one period class.