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America Rising Scholarship

This scholarship is supported by the Foundation’s overall fundraising activities through the generosity of LaGuardia Community College’s faculty, staff, retirees and alumni, as well as growing support from private individuals, philanthropic foundations and businesses. Gifts to the America Rising Scholarship Fund have been able to assist hundreds of students in meeting the financial demands of a college education.

Bernard and Sade Pollack Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was created in 2008 in memory of Bernard Pollack, LaGuardia ‘89, and his wife Sade, by their family and friends. Bernard Pollack attended LaGuardia Community College after retiring and graduated at the age of 72, with the unflagging support and encouragement of his wife, Sade Pollack. The scholarship supports adult students who are pursuing a college degree.

Additional eligibility requirement: Full-time students of non-traditional age for a college student.

CUNY Campaign and the Faculty and Staff Scholarship

This scholarship was established through the generous support of LaGuardia faculty and staff members from their participation in the CUNY Campaign and the Faculty and Staff Campaign.

Additional eligibility requirement: Applicants must have 45 credits or more. Part-time students will also be considered

Joseph Shenker Endowes Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was created in memory of Dr. Joseph Shenker, Founding President of LaGuardia Community College, with support from the New York Community Trust and friends of Dr. Shenker.

Susan Blandi Memorial Scholarship

This endowed scholarship was created and continues to be supported through the fundraising efforts of the family, friends and colleagues of Susan Blandi, who served as the Director of Marketing for LaGuardia Community College’s Urban Center for Educational Development from 1988 to 2005.

“Susan Blandi’s passion for living was infectious. Urbane and cosmopolitan, Susan cared about people and was concerned about social and political injustice.” Mimi Blaber, Director, CUNY Immersion Program.

Additional eligibility requirement: LaGuardia Community College Adult and Continuing Education (ACE) students who have matriculated into a degree program at LaGuardia, or current ACE students who have demonstrated exceptional performance in pursuit of their educational goals. Preference will be given to students with an interest in theater or the arts

The White Castle Scholarship

This scholarship is sponsored by the White Castle Company, a hamburger restaurant chain. White Castle is “always proud to support programs with the power to impact people.”