middle college,high school

Sharon Taylor, Art 
Phone:(718) 392-3330 Ext.1208 
Room: 208
Phone: (718) 392-3330 Ext.1208  
Room: 208,210
Paul Suchow, Music 
Phone:(718) 392-3330 Ext.  
Room: 107

In the Art elective, students will create a variety art projects using diverse multi-media tools. Students will explore their creative sides and will produce a portfolio that will reflect their vision and personality. In this class, students will also be introduced to art theory and criticism, as well as examine established artists’ works. Topics include but are not limited to pencil & charcoal drawings, paint techniques, pastels, mixed media, digital photography.

Number of Credits Required for Art & Music
2 Credits

Arts courses may include any of the following: dance, music, theater, and/or visual arts. Arts courses can be theoretical (e.g., art history) and/or applied (e.g., ceramics).

A student may obtain 2 credits in the arts (dance, music, theater, and/or visual arts) by participating in a school’s major performing groups, including band, chorus, orchestra, dance, or theater groups.